2017 Pre-Tryout Clinic Registration

This years Pre-Tryout Clinics will be held at Iowa Park High School from 3-5pm for each date. Cost for each Pre-Tryout Clinic is $40. Every player will receive a T-Shirt with a number that will be worn for every Pre-Tryout Clinic AND Tryouts. This allows the coaches to follow the players better throughout the clinics and into the Tryouts. It is not necessary to attend any or all of these clinics to be eligible for Tryouts; however, attending 1 or more allows coaches to better evaluate players and allows parents and players to determine if WF Elite is a good "fit" for them. 

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Be sure to carefully select Youth or Adult sizes. If you pre-register and pay no later than Tuesday before each clinic, you will be guaranteed a t-shirt in the size you order. If you do not pre-register and pay by then no guarantees are made to receive a t-shirt in the size needed.
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Pre-Tryout Clinic Cost: $40
Clinic Cost:

Please note that 3.75% is automatically added to your payment total to cover processing charges.